Fidelity Agent 3.0 – #1 Net Sheet and Closing Costs App

Simple and easy to use anywhere.

Includes a Buyers Quick Estimate, a Sellers Net Sheet, and a PITI calculator.

We’ve preloaded local county specific title rates, closing costs, lender fees, and city specific property tax rates.

Customize your closing costs, and brand your printouts and emails with your photo and company logo.

CLICK HERE to access the Fidelity Agent 3.0 app

FIRST ALERT! Fidelity Title’s Preliminary Title Report.

– Create a neighborhood farm report with the touch of the screen.

– Retrieve document images such as Order the Notice of Default (NOD), Notice of Trustee Sale (NTS), REO (Real Estate Owned).

– Search by Camera View – Target a property with your camera to get a profile.

– Or, use your location to select a nearby profile, or simply search by address.

Don’t know the address? Search by name, or APN.

Share reports via e-mail with your personal email account. Seamless and simple. Or,  save to Dropbox to easily refer back to.

Please contact Shawn Harris & Alix Kammeyer to get FULL access the Fidelity TitleForce System.

When logged in, you will be able to pull complete property profiles, see aerial maps of any given area, determine turnover rates surrounding any property, easily identify properties in a state of distress, and more.

Here’s how you get access into the app:

Step 1) From your phone or mobile device, g​o to the website and download the app. (If you have already done this step you’re ready to input your password).

Step 2) Login with your user name and password, which you will receive from Shawn or Alix:​


Step 3) Enter your Security Code​ which is: Shawn8584

You NOW have full access to the most powerful property profile app in Real Estate!

CLICK HERE to access the Fidelity Title Force app.

The Fidelity Analyst app is a powerful suite of real estate analysis tools, until now, only available on a Desktop. TheAnalyst® combines financial calculators, investment analysis and tools designed for all commercial real estate practitioners.

TheAnalyst® contains a Patent Pending PDF report generator to create investment and analysis reports that can be emailed, printed and saved to your computer’s Dropbox account, all from your mobile device.

TheAnalyst® can even be integrated into your business by branding the report with your name and logo. For an optional low monthly fee, your reports will be fully branded with your logo, company name, and contact information clearly displayed on the reports generated. Read more below to learn about TheAnalyst®.

CLICK HERE to access the Fidelity Analyst app.