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Awarded Top 2% for Fidelity Title Worldwide – And Ready To Help You Today!

We are the largest provider of Business to Business solutions in the Real Estate space in San Diego. In 2017, our firm closed over 15,000 files which encompassed over 65,000 stakeholders, and over 68% of those customers did business with us more than once in the past 6 months.

Performance at this level is a direct result of our high service levels and deep industry knowledge.

As a result of our Business to Business solution based program, we save our customers on average, 100 hours a year in their business, help them save another 15-30% on their expense line through our tools, programs and unique B to B concepts and assist with creating additional transactions and relationships that they could not get to without our direct involvement as a stakeholder in their business.

At the end of all of that, we insure their transaction with the largest reserves in the United States which ensures when there is a problem they know we can fix it.