Title Monitoring.

Offered by SD County Recorder.

Totally Free.

Here is Email Copy To Send To Your Clients:

Hi <Your Client or Prospects Name Here>,

GREAT NEWS!!! The San Diego County Recorder now has Title Monitoring FREE of charge! As a homeowner, simply go online with the County, enter your name, your property APN, and a valid email address. In the event anything is recorded against your property you are notified via email of the recording. Some advertised services charge upwards of $30 per month for this service that is now available to you for FREE.

The link to enroll is https://arccprn.sandiegocounty.gov/. (I have signed up my own property, and it is very easy to do.)

Here is what the San Diego County website says:


The County of San Diego Recorder’s Office is committed to transparency to every citizen and is dedicated to ensuring the public is factually informed. To foster public trust and confidence the Recording Notification Service is available to alert subscribers when a document is recorded into the County of San Diego Official Records. If subscribed to this service you will receive notifications through automated e-mails when a document is recorded containing the indexed name and/or your Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) registered. You can register up to five (5) different names and/or five (5) APNs per registered e-mail address.

There is no charge for this service, and you may unsubscribe any time. The Link to enroll is https://arccprn.sandiegocounty.gov/

<Your Name Here>

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