6 Tips Before Selling Your Home

For starters, the yard and landscape of the home generates a strong first impression by the prospective buyer. So, clean up and take care of your landscape. A tun-off for prospective buyers is clutter.
Once your home goes on the market it is not yours anymore, it is the markets home. And, the market wants to be impressed.
Paint your interior if it needs it, and it probably does. The smell of the new paint is a visceral experience for buyers because it tells them it is one less thing they will have to do when they move in.
Hire a great Real Estate agent. This is obvious, but not often what buyers and sellers end up with. Too often, Real Estate Agents will be selected for all the wrong reasons, and worse, do not let an agent represent you and the other side of the transaction.
Put up a sign in the yard, and add a QR code to the sign so prospects will have access to view the home and details 24/7.
Make sure your photos are exceptional.
Create a video tour of your home and plan to build a unique webpage for your home.